Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Small Business Owners Can Succeed With Motivation

How Small Business Owners Can Succeed With Motivation

Staying motivated as a small business owner can be challenging at times. Small business owners can easily become over-whelmed as we wear many different hats. Human resource department, accounting department, IT department, marketing department and the list goes on of the different roles a small business owner plays. Success is proven to follow the motivated and thus as small business owners it is extremely important to do whatever it takes to stay motivated!

As a small business owner of two different companies I have relied a lot on following the different strategies recommended by Tony Robbins. Personally a few years back at the age of 31 I had enough of corporate America and wanted to have complete control of my own life. I resigned from a white collar secure six figure paying job to start a cleaning company with my first child on the way! My environment immediately changed from motivated individuals who were financial secure to employees who lived pay check to pay check and not very positive. I relied a lot on self help books, along with various online sites to stay motivated and found Tony Robbins information to be extremely helpful. Unfortunately I wasn't able to participate in any of his live events as I couldn't risk the financial investment at the time, though found his books and sites to be extremely helpful.

Recently Tony Robbins and NBC launched Breakthrough, a television show that is absolutely phenomenal. He shares real life tragedies and how his strategies transformed the horrible into an amazing outcome. Business owners will find great value in watching this amazing series and for free can also experience an online self help course. Mr. Robbins has taught me how to program my brain to trigger positive thoughts during traditionally stressful moments in my business.

In three years I grew my cleaning company to a million dollar business to have it drop by over 20 percent during the recent economic pullback and it became unprofitable. To keep the cleaning business going with my 30 employees and support my family I started an online company. In just over a year our online business became a 3 million dollar rapidly growing company. Many issues with both businesses arise daily and Tony Robbins blogs, sites and books keep my head sharp and mind focused.

Small business owners have so many responsibilities and are often faced with many decisions to make. A life coach like Anthony Robbins can truly assist all business owners. My small businesses have had huge repercussions on my life as a father, husband, friend, son, brother and neighbor. Difficulties have arisen both in my business and personal life because of inexperience, a poor economy and a wife with various health issues. I've remained strong with Tony Robbins assistance without him even knowing and am confident that my businesses will be successful because of my constant stride for self improvement with his help. All small business owners can find great assistance in staying motivated and becoming successful by investing some time daily in following a self help coach. I truly recommend all small business owners to follow a motivational expert like Tony Robbins by reading a motivational blog daily. Success for small business owners will follow the motivated!

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