Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Useful Tips - How To Rule Your Exams

Useful Tips - How To Rule Your Exams

It is important to keep the forthcoming board exams in perspective. Are you letting the situation control you, or do you see it as a challenge, an opportunity to do your best? With the right attitude and effort, you can reap the rewards for the rest of your life.

Don't Panic: Turn negative thoughts into positive self-talk. The belief that you can succeed is a powerful exam strategy.

Organize Your Time: Make a list of everything you need to revise, and the amount of time you would require.

Rely On Text-Books: The text-book is of paramount importance. Do not replace it. Only supplement it with notes or assignments.

Analyse Previous Exam Papers: Try to access past exam papers (previous five years) and familiarize yourself with the type and number of questions; which topics carry more marks and which ones are important for short answers.

Rote Is Not The Route: Rote learning never helps. First understand, then internalize. Repetitive revision and writing down the points helps tremendously in the retention of facts.

Strategies: Change revision methods when one method tires you out. For example, switch from memorizing to reading; from making notes to asking someone to test you.

Beware of Burn-Out: You need recreation time to revive your momentum as well as your involvement. Set regular break times and stick to them.

Don't Take Peer Pressure: Avoid friends and relatives during the exam period.They can put you off, affect your concentration and also confuse your thoughts.

No New Information: Don't cram new information the night before the exam. You will not remember. No one can.

Follow A Routine: Take good care of yourself.Too much of fast-food and late nights, irregular sleeping habits or lack of enough sleep will seriously impede your concentration. Maintain a regular routine throughout the preparation period and exam dates and finally, always remember that the rewards of your performance will be in direct proportion to your efforts.

Good Luck!

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