Thursday, March 17, 2011

Philips Blade Ultra-Thin 22 inch Monitor

Philips Blade Ultra-Thin 22 inch Monitor

Philips has announced the availability of a new ultra-thin LED screen, the 22-inch blade with 224CL2 identification code. This monitor also incorporates minimalist design, elegant, glossy black and thin: the thickness is only 9.12 mm, confirming one of the thinnest on the market today. To ensure the best user experience, the Blade has a white backlight solid state, which ensures a constant brightness and simple control.

Philips Blade has no physical buttons but with electronic controls and devices that can be connected to the base of the pedestal. The response time of the new monitor is 2ms, even with a 16:9 aspect ratio without the classic black bars that frame the video. In addition to the VGA and HDMI, the monitor also has an audio output for connecting headphones or subwoofer. All Blade comply with criteria of eco-compatibility with fully recyclable materials and the absence of mercury in LEDs. The Philips 22-inch Blade 224CL2SB is for sale from € 189.

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