Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bremont B-1 Marine Clock - British Masterwork

Bremont B-1 Marine Clock - British Masterwork

British watchmaker has revealed its latest masterwork, the Bremont B-1 Marine Clock. Prepared exclusively in England, the B-1 Marine clock is a modern obtain on a shape that goes back over 300 years. It is built in excellent features and design the watch informs the local time in addition to the time at your home.

Moreover it informs the time of a tour of up to 90 days, by days, hours and months. While completely wound, the watch will run for 40 days. The dial illustrates GMT and the date as well shows the power reserve indicator. The Bremont B-1 Marine Clock is built for your super yacht. The timepiece boasts of a typical English-lever escapement and a double fusee movement.

The watch is a water proof measure up to 30 cm in diameter. Every Bremont B-1 watch will be comes with by hardware for table display or wall mounting, and cease can also be modified to match a craft’s inside. There is no price detail are available yet,

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