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Best Student Travel Deals

Best Student Travel Deals

Best Student Travel Deals

Choosing your student airfare travel agency is a process through which every student planning to study abroad has to go. Many student travel deals have been provided by different Internet Sites on the Internet where you can find many different options regarding cheap student travel. This article will provide you with a thorough review of  student travel tips along with a list of different Web Sites which you can use when you are looking for best student airfare deals:


Their Web Site states:”Student travel is easy with our special fares to students, youths and teachers traveling abroad for stays of up to 1 year. These fares offer our student travelers great flexibility, such as one-way fares, date changes, open return dates and an entire network of destinations”, and Travelosophy fulfills this to great extent.


It is a full service travel agency that specializes in student and international travel. “We are affiliated with USTN (University and Student Travel Nationwide) a consortium of travel agencies specializing in Student Travel”, this is what their moto is and no fare search engines are applied. Also the company offers goodies like currency exchange calculators etc.


This is the world’s best agency known for the fare range it offers. The site is a great source of information and you can find information even about the small tidbits here. And at the same time they have very attractive student airfare deals to offer.


It is a Canadian based student fare agency, this site offers information and links to the festivals and events happening in the part of the world you are aiming to travel along with the airfare deals you want to know about.


This site is not much known for the airfare deals it offers but it certainly gives you some hot offers if you are interested.


According to their Web Site:”Our Travel Center has been established to provide students with low cost, discounted prices!”. This site also offers information on travel insurance and other important matters, but mainly aims for U.K. and Australia.


Student Universe’s motto is: “Students Fly Cheaper”. This company is registered with the Better Business Bureau and gives many renown services. One has to sign up to use their service, but sign up is free – typical of their great commitment to customer service. One has to be a student or faculty member to qualify for Student Airfares because “Only college students and faculty can buy Student Airfares”. This means that the Student Universe will check out whether you are really a student or not. Your enrollment status is verified through your school via email and then you will be taken into account.

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