Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cool Cotton Tablecloth

This cool cotton tablecloth looks just like a sheet of graph paper and comes with 8 fabric markers for you to create place mats or for working out homework.

Embroidered Tablecloth: Creative embroidery design merges the plate and the cloth in this tablecloth.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 2
Take Your Time Tablecloth: This tablecloth is covered with 300 riddles, both the questions and the answers; and can be read from both ends of the table.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 3
Do it Yourself Tablecloth by Monkey Business: This cool ‘Do it yourself Tablecloth’ comes with four permanent marker pens that lets you create your own unique collage.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 4
Table Cloth by Rasner and Sharfstein: Tablecloth by designer Talya Rasner and Racheli C Sharfstein leaves no ambiguity about where to place your dishes.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 5
DIY Chalkboard Tablecloth: To make this chalk tablecloth two-pieces of 7 1/2 feet long each of Ikea paperroll were covered with chalkboard paint.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 6
DIY Duct Tape Tablecloth: Turn a simple plain tablecloth into something cool and unique; all you need is white tablecloth and a silver duct tape.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 7
Tableau Tablecloth: Creation of designer Maurice Scheltens who uses photogram technique to decorate this tablecloth with the silhouettes after a dinner party.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 8
DIY Table Cloth: It’s a white tablecloth that one can personalize by adding drawings, notes and more.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 9
DIY Confetti Tablecloth: This creative tablecloth looks simple yet creative.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 10
Tablecloth by AZEdesign: Creation of Polish designers AZEdesign, this tablecloth comes embroidered with outlines of objects which may be placed on it while in use.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 11
Tablecloth by Yksi: This tablecloth comes with a measurement-scale.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 12
Tableaux Cloth: Cutler designed this cool tablecloth.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 13
Fold Unfold Tablecloth: Created by Copenhagen-based textile and color designer Margrethe Odgaard, the lines of this folded tablecloth are highlighted by the vibrant dyes digitally printed on soft 100% cotton.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 14
Tablecloth from JML: A special material is embedded into the weave of the fabric that wont allow any mark to form during its usage on this tablecloth.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 15

Creative Laptop Bag

Actually it’s a shoulder bag but it has enough room for a laptop; what makes it interesting is that it appears to be two dimensional.
T-shirt Laptop Sleeve: HelloRewind turns your favorite old t-shirt into a laptop case for you.
Creative Laptop Bag - 2
Generator Laptop Bag: It comes from Voltaic Systems, this ‘Generator’ is designed to recharge your laptop with stored solar energy.
Creative Laptop Bag - 3
Coffee Bag Laptop Sleeve: Turn a bunch of empty coffee bags into cool laptop sleeves.

Creative Laptop Bag - 4
Floppydisks Laptop Bag: If you have some old floppydisks in your draw, then making this laptop bag would be a cool reuse.
Creative Laptop Bag - 5
Cassette Tape Tote Bag: Though this bag isn’t meant for a laptop, but it looks cool to carry a notebook around.

Creative Laptop Bag - 6
XPocket MacBook Sleeve: This cool Macbook sleeve is a perfect combination of wool and leather.

Creative Laptop Bag - 7
Denim Laptop Sleeve: Creation of designer Adrian Jankowiak, this laptop sleeve is made from used denim that disguises the laptop as a pair of jeans.
Creative Laptop Bag - 8
Furry Laptop Sleeve: This cuddly laptop sleeve is built to perfectly hold your laptop.
Creative Laptop Bag - 9
Owl Laptop Sleeve: It’s made with 3mm designer felt, this 13-inch laptop sleeve comes with a useful pocket at the front of the sleeve.
Creative Laptop Bag - 10
Knitted Laptop Sleeve: If you are good at crochet, then this is a cool laptop sleeve to make.
Creative Laptop Bag - 11
Stitched Virginia Laptop Sleeve:
Creative Laptop Bag - 12
Leather Laptop Sleeve: A cool laptop sleeve made with embroidery floss and leather.
Creative Laptop Bag - 13
Knitted Macbook Sleeve: Made for 15 inch MacBook; it comes with a handmade wooden button.
Creative Laptop Bag - 14
Incase Krink Laptop Sleeve:
Creative Laptop Bag - 15

Amazing Camera for Photography

Gigtube Wireless Viewfinder: Fix Gigtube transmitter on the camera’s hotshoe, and you can see what your camera is seeing on a 3.5″ screen up to 100 meters away. If has video recording, multiple camera shutter control, and multiple shootingmodes. It also includes a built-in camera and playback for DSLRs without liveview.

If you are interested in photography, here is something for you; a collection of cool, useful and functional products and gadgets designed for photographers.
Monsterpod: It sticks to over 1,000 things, and holds any camera up to 20oz.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 2
Level Camera Cube: It can be attached to any standard hotshoe; simply point the camera at your subject and align the bubbles to take perfect level photos every time.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 3
Unleashed GPS: It has a completely wireless geotagging solution and can be used with all modern Bluetooth GPS receivers. When you take numerous photographs in multiple locations, it can be difficult to remember where a particular photo has come from. This small and compact device can be attached to your camera and it communicates wirelessly with your Bluetooth GPS receiver, and embeds location data in your photo immediately within the camera.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 4
Cloak Bag: This unique camera bag allows you to take photographs from inside the bag.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 5
SteadePod: Simply attach this small gizmo to your camera’s tripod mount, extend and anchor the footpad, pull and stretch the cable slightly and you have a steady photograph. Its compact, lightweight and easy to use, lets you take photographs that you never thought you could without a tripod or monopod.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 6
Bottlecap Tripod: This cool portable and lightweight tripod can be fixed on any standard water or soda bottle.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 7
Gorillapod: Its lightweight and compact, has extra flexibility in placing your camera or camcorder just about anywhere you want.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 8
Bike Helmet Camera Mount: This tripod mount comes with nylon straps that slide through the vents in your helmet.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 9
Flipbac Angle Viewer: Attach the flipbac to your camera’s display screen and it will let you take some great photographs every time.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 10
Double Straps: This sleek designed double straps is perfect for two cameras.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 11
Solar Camera Strap: Flexible photovoltaic film panels are added to the width of the strap to harness solar energy.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 12
Super Lens: This cool super lens turns 360 degrees to let you take 90-degree candid photographs in any direction.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 13
LensAlign: LensAlign is a system that takes advantage of your camera’s menu-based AF fine-tune function to match each of your lenses precisely to the camera body.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 14
R-Strap: It’s designed and shaped to be worn around your shoulder while the camera’s weight is evenly distributed; built for speed for when timing is everything.
Amazing Camera for Photography - 15

Bagayan’s drawings and paintings

Ana Bagayan from Armenia now settled in US for studies. Her several designs are get populated with doll-like youths and human-alien hybrids, showcasing the artist’s special interest in the metaphysical. In particular, many of her hybrid creatures were inspired by the stories told by avowed alien abductees while under hypnosis. Bagayan’s drawings and paintings have been displayed in galleries across the US,

Bagayan’s drawings and paintings
Bagayan’s drawings and paintings
Bagayan’s drawings and paintings
Bagayan’s drawings and paintings
Bagayan’s drawings and paintings
Bagayan’s drawings and paintings
Bagayan’s drawings and paintings
Bagayan’s drawings and paintings
Bagayan’s drawings and paintings
Bagayan’s drawings and paintings
Bagayan’s drawings and paintings
Bagayan’s drawings and paintings
Bagayan’s drawings and paintings

Bagayan’s drawings and paintings

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