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How to Hide Scratches on phone? Scratch Removal Tips

How to Hide Scratches on phone? Scratch Removal Tips

What’s the use, of those costly cell phones if you can’t flaunt them? But my phone look’s bruised with all those scratches’-Yes I can hear that! Blame it on the kids, blame it on your pets, but the damage is already done. Scratches on cell phones are an eye sore. Nowadays a lot of cell phones now have a protective plastic that covers the screen, so if you have got a scratch, simply change the plastic cover, but if the scratch is deep or your phone does not have a protective cover, there are a few options that range from the very basics(try toothpaste) to the bizarre(banana peel anyone?).

Scratches that aren’t deep can be hidden, by using toothpaste. All that you have to do is take a cotton swab and slightly dampen the tip of the swab, then put a little of the toothpaste on top. Work that on the cell phone screen, preferably in a circular motion. Let it be for about a minute. After a minute dampen the other side of the swab and remove excess toothpaste. Make sure you don’t overdo it or the end result wouldn’t be so minty as you would want.

But for scratches that are deep, you can hide these with the help of a microfiber cloth. These are easily available at most department stores (the auto department) and are inexpensive. Here is a guide on how to remove the scratches from your cell phone with the help of a microfiber cloth.

The first step is to cut this microfiber cloth in small pieces .In a small sauce pan mix egg yolk and a teaspoon of alum and heat it up to 150 degree Fahrenheit (that’s medium heat for a couple of minutes) . The alum should dissolve in the egg white mixture.

Now take the microfiber cloth and dip it in the egg white and alum mixture, making sure that the cloth absorbs the mixture.

Take this cloth (that’s soaked in the mixture and heat it in an oven with 300 degree heat, by carefully placing the cloth on a piece of aluminium foil. Remove the cloth from the oven and rinse it in running water fo about 20-30 seconds. Repeat this step three times .Once you’ve done this for about three times, dry out the cloth for at least 48 hours. You can now wipe your cell phone, with this cloth to hide ugly scratches from your phone. This cloth can be used for about a 100 times. You phone will look new with a sheen.

A final word, don’t use the banana peel until you’re sure your phone is to go to the scrap yard. Dunno if it’s going to work!
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