Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Privateer designs safest possible amphibious plane

In order to give a new touch to amphibian plane design, The Privateer has showcased at AirVenture 2010  what’s being dubbed the “first new Amphibian design in 60 years”. The amphibious plane has been created as the safest design to carry out water and land operations. Its configuration is marked with the low center of gravity that nullifies any chance of flipping over in adverse conditions and a unique float layout for that unparalleled ease during water-borne take-off and landings.

Created by aviation enthusiast John A. Meekins along with partner and aircraft engineer Bill Husa, The Privateer incorporates lightweight carbon fiber composite construction, a shrouded rear-mounted propeller, and a 724hp Walter 601 series turbine engine to deliver a performance that none of the amphibious designs have ever offered.

The other features of the design include a simple yet spacious cabin with six plus seats. However, its scalable configuration allows different models to accommodate additional passengers. Featuring electro-mechanical control with a triple redundant design, the Privateer will have a gross weight of less than 3,600 lbs (without load) with a maximum cruise speed at sea level at 195 knots and 215 knots at 15,000 ft.

The manufacturing company is aiming at 1,000 miles range at Max Gross Weight, including a full passenger load. The Privateer amphibious prototype is near completion and we hope to see it taking to the skies anytime soon.

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