Friday, August 6, 2010

Vodafone VF 247 – Solar Powered Mobile Phone

The first solar powered mobile phone by the cellular company Vodafone has announced in India. Vodafone VF 247  is targeted at rural mobile phone market. Users will no longer be required to be near an electrical outlet to charge their phones.

The VF 247 solar powered phone charges by itself, by exposure to ambient light. One doesn’t require exposure to direct sunlight as normal ambient light should be enough to power this one. The phone requires eight hours of direct sunlight to be fully charged. Once charged, it will last for more than eight days and offer about four hours of talk time.

Feature-wise, it boasts of an FM radio, color screen and a powerful torch light. The phone is expected to be priced at around the Rs.1,500 mark and would be available across India starting next month.

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