Monday, September 6, 2010

BMW inspired fully-electric BMW Z12 concept is a realizable vision

BMW has been re-imagined again. This time by a designer from Sweden: Robin Widenius. Dubbed as BMW Z12, the concept has been inspired from the BMW itself and is based on an electricity motor with power that´s equal to a combustion engine of about 350hp. The concept features big tires that not only give it better grip on the road but are also meant to bring the top speed of about 280mph with a fairly strong acceleration. The BMW Z12 is totally an electric powered vehicle and isn’t quite – as electric cars usually are – but is be designed with an engine sound that reminds of a powerful compressor. Robin hasn’t told us of the kind of electric motors it will have as he thinks that in the times to come, the electric technology will advance and his BMW Z12 will be equipped with the best of technology available when the concept will enter the production.

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