Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gonzalo Guerrero’s Flying Bike Concept is too far ahead in the future

The flying bikes may have remained a fantasy so far, but Gonzalo Guerrero has given shape to it. Dubbed the Machine_Fly, the sleek and shiny motorcycle with silver handle and yellow buttons that jells perfectly with the black and red exterior will attract any bike nerd to ride it the moment he gets a glimpse of it. However, there are no wheels in the bike since it’s a flying one and the other things that you will see at the bottom is an exhaust pipe, similar to one we’ve in conventional bikes, that provides the forward thrust.

Flying bike’s design is based on the big contemporary heavy motorcycles. However, if we talk about features, it doesn’t have many of them that are usually found in heavy bikes. From the images, it becomes clear that there are no front lights and no break which makes it more a piece of art than a real machine. But the bike has all that elegance that will entice a biker. The other noteworthy thing is the way bike is built; I mean the passage of air below and above particularly to minimize the effects of friction.

What makes it a piece of bike than a real one is the fact that designer has envisioned this bike considering in mind that the bike will take flight; but how will that happen isn’t clear. Will the exhaust pipe will do all to give wings to this bike? These are only questions with no substantial answer.

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