Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BMW Scooter - The Elegant Concept Of Riding

BMW Scooter - The Elegant Concept Of Riding

BMW intended to deal with the demands of the future mobility in the extra-large cities. It has very unique and elegant design seems very trendy. The innovative scooter was revealed at the annual Milan Motorcycle Show and it merges the conceptual soothe of a scooter and the suppleness of a bike.

He look of the bike indicates you that it is a part of the BMW Motorrad family. It is alike to the sporty BMW Motorrad models such as the S 1000 RR. The Concept C is fully built in latest technology and built in advance features. It also features a twin-tipped front spoiler.The BMW Concept C has an extremely sporty design, with powerful two-cylinder engine and an elevated back section assigning the lightness. T

The whole body part of this bike is built strong enough, with aluminum chromium, silver and blue paintwork. The tires of this bike is also excellent it runs smoothly, I m sure you will enjoy to drive this bike. BMW is a well known company for making automobiles and now this latest BMW Motorrad shows Concept C is tremendous.

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