Monday, November 8, 2010

Epson i7 - Ultra Compact Nettop size PC

Epson i7 - Ultra Compact Nettop size PC

Latest ultra compact the Endeavor ST150E Nettop size PC. It is built for your professional use. It is just available through Epson online Store. It is Epson latest ultra compact (192x185x75mm) business PC. obtainable in dissimilar CPU flavor including Intel Celeron P4600, i5-460M, i5-560M, Core i3-370M and Intel’s high-end i7 series with in our case an i7-640M. The Endeavor ST150E is Epson best ever and smallest desktop PC yet. Its display monitor is excellent as well keyboard include smooth keys.If you are looking for the best business PC then check out this latest Epson i7 powered PC.

The Endeavor ST150E comes with excellent slim and sleek design comes in white color. Pricing of the Endeavor ST150E PC is depending on your configuration of option. Epson is a famous company for making PC gadgets now this latest Endeavor ST150E PC s tremendous. In market there is a lot of desktop PCs are available but I found this latest Epson’s PC superb.It will be comes to the Japan market soon. Epson also presents future Endeavor ST150E future possessors the option to also prefer between a 5400rpm HDD and an SSD (MLC) drive with up to 8GB of RAM.

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