Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Q2 Internet Radio - A Cubic Radio

Q2 Internet Radio - A Cubic Radio

Q2 Internet Radio is a funny looking device, with a cubic shape of 10 cm per side and usability innovations that promise. Q2 is based on the principle that those who listen to Internet radio stations basically does the same which is done by zapping the TV, but stops to its 2 or 3 favorite stations, despite the wide range. Q2 so it can store up to 4 radio stations, one on each side of cube.

So simply connect Q2 for the first time to the PC and set four favorite radio stations, websites, and then place it on any shelf and change the station simply by turning: the side that touches the surface corresponds to a new radio station. The other two sides of cube (front and rear) are used for other controls: volume, which rises and falls with the slope and off.

Q2 Of course you can reconnect to the PC at any time, to change the 4 favorite stations, and has a battery that supposedly lasts longer than 8 hours. Q2 is available in 5 colors: white, black, green, pink and blue, with soft touch finish, and costs 90 pounds (about 102 euro exchange rate, perhaps a bit 'too much) on the site dedicated to Q2.

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