Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Samsung E65 e-reader - A Great Concept

Samsung E65 e-reader - A Great Concept

Samsung introduces latest E65 E-book Reader, it is fitted WiFi connectivity for downloading ebooks from online bookstore wirelessly. I think it is a very great concept as well handy for those who are crazy about reading. The E65 E-book Reader comes with latest features such as a 6-inch e-reader with a 600×800 e-ink screen with anti-reflective multi-layer coating, anti-glare and 8 grey-scale levels contrast.

It supports microSD up to 16GB and has 2GB internal memory.Samsung-E65-E-book-Reader Samsung Offers E65 e-readerThe Samsung E65 e-reader comes in a slim and sleek design as well available in white color with brilliant display screen. Samsung is a well known company for making cell phone gadgets and now this latest Samsung E65 e-reader is excellent. It also supports text-to-speech.

It is very portable and handy device.Other features include Virtual Printer software that permits consumers to twist any webpages and PC document from PC to E65. A digital stylus is also incorporated. The Samsung E65 e-reader is capable to handle pdf, ePub, txt, word document files plus MP3 audio format.

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