Thursday, December 2, 2010

Anti-Sleep Pilot - Keeps You Awake In The Car

Anti-Sleep Pilot - Keeps You Awake In The Car

Among the many gadgets for cars more or less useful to passengers, is designed mainly to take a company that thinks the driver, especially when facing long journeys alone: Anti-Sleep Pilot is in fact a small device to be attached to the dashboard of the machine and try to avoid falling asleep.

Meanwhile, the gadget can be set to interact with the driver, asking questions and demanding answers quickly; Anti-Sleep Pilot is also able to tell if the car is swerving dangerously, or if it proceeds in a normal and if the response time of the driver is too long.

In these cases, Anti-Sleep Pilot emits alarm signals to warn of the danger. Of course, a miserable business against a human being, but driving for so long on a straight road and at quite high speed, it is not safe, especially if you are just tired and bored and threatens to take over.

Anti-Sleep Pilot is currently available in Denmark at a price not so readily accessible, amounting to approximately € 200, and will soon be available in other countries. Who knows, maybe someone does not make a hack to emulate the Anti-Sleep Pilot, but spend much less.

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