Saturday, March 19, 2011

Exclusive & Unconventional Golden Handset

Exclusive & Unconventional Golden Handset

Copenhagen-based Aesir is planning to create exclusive and unconventional handset designs. Might be they out to make the next iPhone killer, their task is to collaborate with powerful designers to make unique and unconventional handset designs. Well, recently their first phone is teamwork with designer Yves Behar who sets it best dubbed as +YvesBéhar unique phone in gold.

The Aesir has concerted on the idea of voice, simplicity and clarity. Basically the idea behind this latest phone is to accurately craft the visual details, tactility, craft the functional and craft the user interface.There will two designs obtainable – one in 18k yellow gold and one in stainless steel both featuring twist ceramic and a cerulean crystal lens. Price tags of these phones are One in 18k gold valued €42,000 and another in 316L stainless steel prices at €7,250. Both are the luxury phones seems very elegant.

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