Friday, March 11, 2011

Kanopi House

Nestled in one of Jamaica’s most juicy destinations – Portland; this is a privy accommodation,a tropical paradise of azure waters, marvelous beaches, lagoons and leafy greenery.

Kanopi House is a green, organic,NEPA approved with limited footprint,this accommodation offers low impact luxury, processed along a lined reed bed, and the use of sustainable, regionally sourced hardwoods.Furnishings, designed and handcrafted by area artisans, are produced from renewable Jamaican materials: windows cased in cedar shutters, floors laid in Spanish Elm and Sweet Wood, stone quarried locally.

Caring for the environment as well as the community, Kanopi House artwork and decor accents are designed and sourced locally. From laundry hampers and wastebaskets woven from Jamaican banana leaf, to tableware, linens, planters and lampshades – each piece is handcrafted by the island’s skilled tradesmen and produced in the traditional island manner.No trees were felled in the layout of Kanopi House; buildings were adjusted to accommodate the natural landscape; in some cases, trees simply go through the roof. A Guango tree a neighbor had chopped down and was poised to burn, refashioned as a series of organic, rough-hewn dining and coffee tables.

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