Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Phiips Smart TV With File Sharing

Phiips Smart TV With File Sharing

Philips Smart TV an ecosystem that extends the old vision of Net TV adding new features that follow the philosophy of connectivity and sharing of content within the home network. Smart TV is based on four pillars:

Control: In addition to the remote control comes the ability to control with a wireless keyboard, smartphone or tablet.Control App for iPhone and Android will be available from April.

Simply Share: comdivisione content from portable devices to TVs. Leverage Wi-Fi and DLNA streaming and performs well from a PC or notebook. In the demo app by iPad we could see the ease of sharing pictures with the simple selection from the gallery.

Net TV: agreements in place for the delivery of content, from September you can rent movies in Italy. The applications available are more than 400 with localized content for some of these.

Program: program guide to schedule recordings with the possibility. The program list to see two days before entering the program and we are interested we can easily set the date and time of registration (pre-set are those of the TV guide with the start times and end).

The registration keys or hard disk supports from 4 GB up and records in MPEG-2 encrypted or register to see only on TV and not on other PC or TV / media player.Data the presence of a single tuner recording can be used in or stand by while watching the program selected, there is the opportunity to watch one channel and record another.

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