Friday, March 18, 2011

Reasons of Why we love Apple iPad 2

Apple has fulfilled the dream of ipad lovers by launching Apple ipad 2 last week therefore ipad 2 hits the market. Latest version of Apple ipad has received some attractive functionality compared to its previous version such as A5 chip processor, battery life, camera and many more therefore many people love Apple ipad 2.
Reasons of Why we love Apple iPad 2

Apple ipad 2 is available with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB memory storage options so people can purchase it according to their requirement. Apple also offers this ipad with wifi and wifi+3G options. If you are web user then Apple ipad 2 with wifi+3G is best product for you. The most important thing that attracts many people is look of ipad and price tag. Apple ipad 2 is larger and thinner than its previous edition.

1) Camera

The people, who focus on the wealth of images, consider the camera’s feature first. Apple ipad 2 has VGA front and 720p HD rear facing camera. Apple ipad 2 gets two cameras with a purpose to provide FaceTime video and HD video recording facilities. Users are permitted to correspond visually with their family and friends through FaceTime Application.

2) Retina display

Ipad 2 has 9.7-inch retina display with 1024 x 768 resolution that is sufficient to watch movie, photos and other tasks. It also boasts LED backlight therefore users can see bright pictures even in low light. IPS technology has been included in ipad 2 that allows users to adjust display at every turn including upside down.

3) Processor

Ipad 2 supports 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 processor that is faster than previous edition of ipad. A5 processor offers easy multi tasks and faster graphics process. Performance of ipad increases two times compared to previous model due to A5 processor.

4) Operating system

Ipd 2 is operated by iOS 4 that offers largest collection of mobile application in the world. It permits the users to read, browse and watch every thing through one touch on the display. iOS 4 operating system makes ipad 2 differ from other products.

5) Battery life & USB port

Battery of Ipad 2 gives 10 hours of use so you do not have to recharge battery frequently. Ipad 2 has mini USB port therefore users can easily upload files and movies.

6) Sound system

Ipad receives the speaker behind a perforated part of the solid rear casing instead of behind a grille on the flat border. There is no difference in the sound system of latest and old version of ipad.

7) New application

Ipad 2 has Gyroscope that supports gaming features. Ipad 2 also gets two new applications, GarageBand and iMovie. Users are allowed to capture the video and share it on facebok, YouTube through iMovie.

8) Price

iPad 2 with Wi-Fi

16 GB: $499
32 GB: $599
64 GB: $699

Ipad 2 with wifi+3G

16 GB: $629
32 GB: $729
64 GB: $829

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