Friday, March 30, 2012

Overview of Facebook Timeline

Overview of Facebook Timeline - Infografic

Lately the internet has been buzzing with the word Timeline. Personal pages have been using it for a little while now, but as of March 30th all pages will implement the Timeline layout, and the residual changes that come with it. Using one of our clients, Starbucks, as an example, we’ve developed an infographic that sums up some of the important changes and features of Timeline, and serves to answer some of the questions floating around about what it all means.

Ultimately the introduction of Timeline will mark a shift in the way brands use their Facebook page and engage with the community. Visually stimulating content will be more important than ever, something particularly exciting to a designer like me.

We encourage you to download, read, and share our insights on the new Facebook Timeline.

Via: Edelmandigital

Overview of Facebook Timeline

Overview of Facebook Timeline
SmileCampus on Facebook Timeline

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