Friday, June 29, 2012

I know you are mine

I Know you are mine

With soft still words I part
From cries within my heart
Energy soars from emptiness
Lost in thoughts of sweet caress
Pure Love your light surrounding me
Gives me peace of Samsara sea
As star pattern movements sway
Night's alight in love's array

Close your eyes and see
Inside you are all of me
I Know you are mine
Souls forever entwined
Breaths of you become my bliss
Nothing to hold, all to miss
Stopped in time with an Angel kiss
I am your all, in all of this

I love you so
As the wind driven snow
As the dawn's morning glow
You are love, all I know
As the moon's soft shine
As Earth's endless time
No reason or rhyme
I Know you are mine

I Know you are mine

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