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Health Tips - Back and Shoulder Pain

Health Tips - Back and Shoulder Pain

Although the article is titled 'back and shoulder pain', I have put down the matter comprising of the causes of both the conditions individually. This is to make your understanding simpler and this explanation, to-the-point. Back pain is perhaps, one of the most common complaints of people all over the world. It has been studied that most absentees in work suffer from back pain. Coming to shoulder pain, it is a little more serious than the former condition we have been talking about. Let's now go on to know about the back and shoulder pain causes in greater detail. Following this, there would be one more section throwing light on the methods which are followed to ease the pain and the symptoms.

Back and Shoulder Pain Causes

Causes of Back Pain
Any glitch that occurs in the working mechanism of the component parts of the back, manifests itself in pain. While there may be specific causes of back pain in some people, for others, the problem may just arise out of the blue. However, common factors which may be held responsible for back pain include strained muscles and ligaments, improper or heavy lifting of objects or even a sudden awkward body movement. All such actions result in spasm, which eventually leads to become a stubborn back pain. In some people, back pain may be the aftereffect of some structural problems. For example, those with sciatica (sharp pain that arises through the buttock and back of the leg), arthritis, osteoporosis, irregularities with the skeletal system, and ruptured or bulging disks, are the ones who stay vulnerable to be hit by back pain. Rarely, cancer in the spine or infection of the spine may also be the causes. For more information scroll through back spasms causes.

Causes of Shoulder Pain
As mentioned, shoulder pain is a bit too serious a matter when compared to the pain in the back. This is due to the reason that, pain in the shoulder may arise as an indication of several medical conditions affecting the person. Common ones may include bursitis, cancer, heart attack, infection, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, separated shoulder, septic arthritis, shingle, sprains and strains, tendinitis, torn cartilage, etc. Conditions like frozen shoulder, dislocated shoulder, or separated shoulder may also be common. Read through shoulder pain causes for more information.

Back and Shoulder Pain Relief

This section will give you some tips on lower and upper back and shoulder pain relief. If OTC pain relievers do not work, then there must be no time to hesitate to show to a doctor. If your pain is mild to moderate, your doctor may prescribe you strength pain relievers. And if they do not help show any improvements, then muscle relaxants may be the next in queue. Apart from treating the problem internally, you must also pay attention to manage it externally. This you can do by getting an aid of a physical therapist. He would work with you with several techniques which can help recover the back and shoulder muscles in their normal mode and reduce the pain. As the pain starts improving, you may be put on dedicated exercises to improve the flexibility of your back muscles and those of your shoulders. Back and shoulder pain from sleeping is also a common scenario with most people. Following some proper sleeping techniques provide a great deal of help in easing the symptoms.

Then comes injections. There are chances that the above methods fail to show much improvements and the pain may radiate down to the lower parts of body. In such cases, the doctor may recommend the use of cortisone injection. This drug decreases inflammation and takes care of the pain, but only for less than a few months. Probably, patients might be required to take repeated shots if their pain persists. Read through back pain relief and shoulder pain: causes and treatment for some more details.

In rare cases, patients of back and shoulder pain may require to undergo surgical procedures. This is an option left for those people who are not doing well with conservative treatment methods and still suffer from that unrelenting pain. In most cases, patients benefit from surgical intervention, as it gets them rid of their pain for good.

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