Monday, August 16, 2010

Make Money Online in This Economic Climate

Make Money Online in This Economic Climate

How to make money online is a question more and more people are asking thanks in no small part to the vagaries of the current economic climate. More and more people either find themselves out of work or on reduced hours and are looking for ways to replace or supplement their income.

The biggest problem with this for any newcomer to the internet marketing world is the huge range of options, guides and gurus telling them exactly how it should be done, and promising untold riches at the push of a button. The simple truth is there is no easy push button way to make money online, like anything you have to work for it.

For the last 18 months I have been teaching students and even some big money clients a different approach to online marketing, and it is the mindset of the approach that is even more important than the actual methods. Now for the most part I am getting paid to teach this approach, although I have been helping friends and some distant relatives too who had found themselves struggling financially.

So what is the "mindset" or approach? Its simple really cast the widest possible net you can or in other words "chuck as much as possible at the wall and more will stick" marketing approach! I heard John Reese talk about this back in 2007 and despite the wonderful speakers at the event it was the one thing that stuck with me, and it was worth attending just for that one little "trinket" What was it?

Again it was simple, to really succeed in online marketing you had to "own" as much of the internet as possible. So from that moment on I strove to do just that. Initially my "real estate" was a mixture of my own sites and blogs complemented by mass building web2.0 pages on sites like Squidoo, Hubpages etc. My own sites were a mixture of mini sites, based on a handful of profitable keywords, and autoblogs which were much bigger in scope and size.

This was a huge success and I was making a lot of money every month and continued to do so until early in 2009 when I noticed that although I was still making plenty of cash the actual return per individual site was dropping. In fact for the first time since I started this approach I was adding to my portfolio every month but my actual earnings were at a standstill.

Now many people would have probably thought well its ok I'm still making more than I expected or wanted so what does it matter but I love testing and especially experimenting so I trained up a couple of full time outsourcers to do what I had been doing and went to work figuring out what was going on.

After several attempts at making changes I finally found one that worked and worked well. I took my mini sites and added autoblogging methods too them. Now importantly I structured these blogs so that the emphasis was still on those initial five or six keyword articles and the automated content was basically just there as a way of driving customers to those money pages. Before I knew it these sites were earning more then they had when they were at their peak, happy happy joy joy!

Seeing this success I went back to the original autoblogs and incorporated the same mini site methodology into those and again it worked like gangbusters. So basically I crossed my mini sites with my autoblogs and got profit and now all my sites are built from scratch with this same concept! The real beauty is that because they are 90% automated, cranking them out is easier than ever, and yes everything is done by my outsourcers who are actually now full time staff.

Now going back to the wide net mentality, if I had never heard John Reese talk about this and had not gone out and taken action and built all those sites to start with I would have never have seen the trend downwards and not gone and figured out a way of changing it up again. If I had been concentrating on a handful of blogs and they would have started to drop, I probably would have thought it was just an anomaly because my test group was so small.

So in my personal opinion, and this does come from personal results and not supposition, or anything I read somewhere, the best way to make money online is to spread your net as wide as possible. In 2010 this really is very easy indeed with all the technology at our fingertips compared to 3 years ago when you had to build everything by hand.

So if you are new to online marketing go and put your foot in the water, not your toe, and build some blogs, the more the better. And if you are an intermediate or experienced marketer don't you think it is about time you spread your net, instead of fishing in one spot that could dry up any day with no warning? Go on you know it makes sense!

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