Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lexus' SEMA 2010 debuts

Lexus is descending on Las Vegas with a host of custom-built show cars just for SEMA. A total of six models will be on hand for the aftermarket shindig, including an F Sport version of the all-new CT200h. The hybrid rolls on 18x8-inch wheels and sports a high-performance big-brake kit straight from the company's go-fast catalog.

But the CT200h isn't the only hybrid Lexus will be bringing to the party. In fact, all of the customized rides that the company plans to display rock a battery pack and an electric motor. VIP Auto Salon worked up an HS250h with custom wheel, exhaust and interior work as well as a trick LS600h L, and 0-60 Magazine spun a few wrenches on a GS450h. That particular sedan rocks one of the wildest carbon-fiber body kits we've ever laid eyes on, as you can see above.

Meanwhile, Lexus set Fox Marketing loose on another LS600h L, resulting in a slightly more subdued vehicle with custom paint and a unique bumper. Finally, Paul Tolson of EST will be bringing along an RX450h with a full wide-body treatment. Hit the jump for the full press release and check out all the vehicles in high-res glory below.

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