Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Samsung Tic Toc MP3 Player with Gravity Sensor

Samsung Tic Toc MP3 Player

Small, compact and with a youthful design, the new Samsung Tic Toc hard to imagine in that position is based on activate different features. For example, shaking it will turn on how the random selection of tracks (shuffle), with a blow to the right you will go for a song or giving a nudge up or down will raise or lower the volume.

That the control system is convenient or inconvenient is subjective of course, in each case represents a viable alternative to iPod, especially for a Christmas present, given the price ranging between 49.99 euro for the 2 GB version, up to 64.99 for the 4 GB. For the moment, the Tic Toc is only available in blue or pink, but it is possible that other colors will be available in the future.

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