Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cool Cotton Tablecloth

This cool cotton tablecloth looks just like a sheet of graph paper and comes with 8 fabric markers for you to create place mats or for working out homework.

Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 1
Embroidered Tablecloth: Creative embroidery design merges the plate and the cloth in this tablecloth.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 2
Take Your Time Tablecloth: This tablecloth is covered with 300 riddles, both the questions and the answers; and can be read from both ends of the table.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 3
Do it Yourself Tablecloth by Monkey Business: This cool ‘Do it yourself Tablecloth’ comes with four permanent marker pens that lets you create your own unique collage.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 4
Table Cloth by Rasner and Sharfstein: Tablecloth by designer Talya Rasner and Racheli C Sharfstein leaves no ambiguity about where to place your dishes.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 5
DIY Chalkboard Tablecloth: To make this chalk tablecloth two-pieces of 7 1/2 feet long each of Ikea paperroll were covered with chalkboard paint.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 6
DIY Duct Tape Tablecloth: Turn a simple plain tablecloth into something cool and unique; all you need is white tablecloth and a silver duct tape.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 7
Tableau Tablecloth: Creation of designer Maurice Scheltens who uses photogram technique to decorate this tablecloth with the silhouettes after a dinner party.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 8
DIY Table Cloth: It’s a white tablecloth that one can personalize by adding drawings, notes and more.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 9
DIY Confetti Tablecloth: This creative tablecloth looks simple yet creative.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 10
Tablecloth by AZEdesign: Creation of Polish designers AZEdesign, this tablecloth comes embroidered with outlines of objects which may be placed on it while in use.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 11
Tablecloth by Yksi: This tablecloth comes with a measurement-scale.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 12
Tableaux Cloth: Cutler designed this cool tablecloth.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 13
Fold Unfold Tablecloth: Created by Copenhagen-based textile and color designer Margrethe Odgaard, the lines of this folded tablecloth are highlighted by the vibrant dyes digitally printed on soft 100% cotton.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 14
Tablecloth from JML: A special material is embedded into the weave of the fabric that wont allow any mark to form during its usage on this tablecloth.
Cool Cotton Tablecloth - 15

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