Saturday, June 2, 2012

Creative Laptop Bag

Actually it’s a shoulder bag but it has enough room for a laptop; what makes it interesting is that it appears to be two dimensional.
Creative Laptop Bag - 1
T-shirt Laptop Sleeve: HelloRewind turns your favorite old t-shirt into a laptop case for you.
Creative Laptop Bag - 2
Generator Laptop Bag: It comes from Voltaic Systems, this ‘Generator’ is designed to recharge your laptop with stored solar energy.
Creative Laptop Bag - 3
Coffee Bag Laptop Sleeve: Turn a bunch of empty coffee bags into cool laptop sleeves.

Creative Laptop Bag - 4
Floppydisks Laptop Bag: If you have some old floppydisks in your draw, then making this laptop bag would be a cool reuse.
Creative Laptop Bag - 5
Cassette Tape Tote Bag: Though this bag isn’t meant for a laptop, but it looks cool to carry a notebook around.

Creative Laptop Bag - 6
XPocket MacBook Sleeve: This cool Macbook sleeve is a perfect combination of wool and leather.

Creative Laptop Bag - 7
Denim Laptop Sleeve: Creation of designer Adrian Jankowiak, this laptop sleeve is made from used denim that disguises the laptop as a pair of jeans.
Creative Laptop Bag - 8
Furry Laptop Sleeve: This cuddly laptop sleeve is built to perfectly hold your laptop.
Creative Laptop Bag - 9
Owl Laptop Sleeve: It’s made with 3mm designer felt, this 13-inch laptop sleeve comes with a useful pocket at the front of the sleeve.
Creative Laptop Bag - 10
Knitted Laptop Sleeve: If you are good at crochet, then this is a cool laptop sleeve to make.
Creative Laptop Bag - 11
Stitched Virginia Laptop Sleeve:
Creative Laptop Bag - 12
Leather Laptop Sleeve: A cool laptop sleeve made with embroidery floss and leather.
Creative Laptop Bag - 13
Knitted Macbook Sleeve: Made for 15 inch MacBook; it comes with a handmade wooden button.
Creative Laptop Bag - 14
Incase Krink Laptop Sleeve:
Creative Laptop Bag - 15

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